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Lockdown Review

Like everyone around the country and around the world Covid-19 turned our world around. We had to deal with the drama of administrative duties, the meeting of dead lines, filing in of reports with our funders and sponsors.
We were left lost at home. Wrestling with the coronavirus, everyone was scared. So what about all our programs for our beneficiaries? As a Centre for people with disabilities it’s our job to think about the easily forgettable, our beneficiaries and their families.

So the board met a few times to determine our response, putting together of funds from donors and donations we decided to put together a food distribution programme wherein our beneficiaries and their families can come to the centre, during lockdown, when many went hungry, to come and collect food parcels. For those beneficiaries who could not travel to the centre we despatched two of our staff members to do door to door deliveries to ensure that people didn’t go to bed hungry at night.

As time passed our beneficiaries started to come back.

Even though 2020 was indeed a very strange year. Our hope is always getting restored. We kicked off the 2021 year with a lot of positives.

Most of our beneficiaries are back fully engaged in the programs for the year.

Lizzy Mabusha

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