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Information for Donors

A donor is any individual or organisation, be it public, private or governmental who renders financial or any other assistance to Lebuwe Centre.

Donating money

A financial contributions is valuable, it allows us to continue providing our services. If not specified, donations received are allocated to the project where funds are needed most. Donations can be made via direct deposit or electronic fund transfer

We process donations via PayFast.

Donating goods

Goods of specific value to the beneficiaries of Lebuwe Centre include:
School uniforms/shoes
Canned foods
Clothing items

Donating your time

You are welcome to visit our Centre to motivate and give lectures to our beneficiaries.


All donors do get mentioned on every page on our website. If you or your organisation is not mentioned, please send an email to to notify us.

Anonymous Giving

Even though we would love the opportunity to show gratitude to a donor we do accept anonymous donations.

Charity begins at home but should not end there.

Francis Bacon

Our Donors

The people who keep our lights on and keep us going.