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Since 1978

Lebuwe started as a result of the passion that Mrs Lebuwe Emily Molefe had for caring for the members of her community who are living with disabilities.

From a mere wooden structure to a brick and mortar multi faceted ecosystem for it's inhaitants, Lebuwe Centre has grown to become a beautiful sanctuary to help empower those living with disabilities in the Atteridgeville and Saulsville township.

Lebuwe Centre


Stated below are our guiding objectives as an organization.

Rights Promotion

To protect and to promote the legal rights of people living with disabilities according to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.


To provide opportunities for education, training, rehabilitation and job creation to encourage autonomy and independence.


To empower people with disabilities through consultative participation with them through principles of transparency and decision-making.

Growth Management

To adapt to the changing needs of people living with disabilities by providing policy for effective rendering of service.


To assist people that are living with disabilities in accessing healthcare services and other related community services that encourage healthy living.

Community Awareness

To develop communities within area of operation to raise awareness around nature and needs of people living with disabilities so as to encourage voluteerism.

The Vision

To facilitate and ensure optimum quality of life for people who are living with disabilities working with all bodies with similar objectives.

The Mission

To empower people living with disabilities by creating opportunities that will assist them to develop to their full potential.

The Motto

Our motto is very simple and it's aim is to instill eagerness to act. Our motto simply states: REA DIRA - WE ARE COMMITTED.

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Area of Operation

Lebuwe Centre makes it's facilities, faculty and services available to the denizens of Atteridgeville, Saulsville and other prescribed areas.

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Area of Fundraising

The area of fundraising is South Africa and the entire international community

Donors from all around the world are welcome to make a donation to Lebuwe Centre.

For over 38 years with care, trust
and compassion we have served
disabled persons.

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