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Always listen with an open heart
and understand the value of people


Never rush a known outcome
take your time with others.


Remember to operate as one
together all parts make one whole

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Recent Projects

At Lebuwe Centre, our benefactors are engaged in various projects.

Beadwork Project

  • Past: R2890
  • Goal: R4500

Come see the beautiful beadwork done by our beneficiaries. Stunning to the eyes and comfortable to wear.

Detergent Project

  • Past: R1890
  • Goal: R2500

Thanks to the equipment made available to us by Denel PMP, we are now able to prepare and bottle detergents and all sorts of cleaning products to sell to the general public.

Baking Projects

  • Past: R1890
  • Goal: R2500

One of our favoured projects is bake sales where our beneficiaries learn to bake and to sell their baked goodss to the general public.

Enable the Disabled

Became a part of the caring community

Open your hearts and minds to the value that the disabled persons in our community can add to your life and those around you.

Established in 1978, Lebuwe Centre has served the disabled community for 38 years
with compassion. trust and

Be a part of us

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